2015 in review

Excited to see the result of my first 1/2 year blogging!  This is also the year I started “That Vegan Show, ” so quite a year. 😃 Today I also discovered veganthink.com made it onto a list of vegan radio shows (all-creatures.org); I’m so grateful for the exposure.  Can’t wait to grow bigger and better […]

Semester Break

Why hello there, Veganthinkers! Thank you for visiting my page. The semester has ended and so “That Vegan Show” will take a little break until the end of January. I know you’ll miss me, but the good news is there may be more time to edit past shows and post them on SoundCloud. We’ve had […]

Season 2, Episode 1 of “That Vegan Show” is now available – woo hoo! Listen in as Monica, owner of Pura Vegan Cafe, discusses good news for laboratory chimpanzees and her recent training at PCRM. Stay tuned, Ep 2 will be coming at you soon!

No New Animal Lab

Here it is, Episode 6 (Season 1) discussion of No New Animal Lab. This campaign is going strong right now and forming protests in various cities nationwide to stop the University of Washington from building a new lab. Get details here! “That Vegan Show” Episode 6 (Season 1)

A Vegantastic Day!

What a great day! At 1pm, I hosted Season 2: Ep 1 of “That Vegan Show,” with Monica, owner of PuraVegan Cafe. We discussed the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine training she attended in Washington DC. Monica brought back what she learned and will be having various classes at her restaurant to promote healthy eating […]

What is “That Vegan Show”?

The idea for “That Vegan Show” evolved from my passions for radio and vegan living. After being a college radio DJ for two years at the university where I work, I decided to take the plunge and start my own talk show. Guests have included local and national vegans and I feel very grateful for […]

My next chapter…

Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m creating this blog in a response to a calling and urgency I am feeling to become a plant-based nutritionist. Thus far, my career has been in mental health and education. However, I feel that there is an underlying cause to a lot of our problems these days. This […]